Connect with Other Pastors
We offer monthly pastor gatherings throughout the district that meet for about an hour and a half. We gather in geographical areas throughout the district to share life together, discuss relevant topics in our ministries, and pray for and with one another. Contact us for more information.
Pray Together
We offer two opportunities on Wednesday mornings for pastors to pray with and for one another. You can join other pastors from 8:00 to 8:25 am or from 8:30 to 8:55 am. Contact us for more information.
District Pastor & Wives Getaway
Every year we offer an opportunity for pastors and their wives to get away with other pastors and their wives within the district to share life together. We gather at various locations to worship together, pray together, and focus on our marriages as ministry couples. Contact us for more information.
Sabbatical Resources
Understand how you can use this prolonged rest effectively. Contact us for training resources.
Vacation and Retreat Options for Pastors and their Families
Need an affordable vacation or enriching retreat? Contact us for ideas.
Pulpit Supply
Contact us for recommendations for those who can preach on a temporary basis.